The Birth of Bunneh Tails 1

What’s a Bunneh to do with leftover Christmas cookie dough after Christmas? Recently I had two bowls taking up space in my refrigerator: one of white candy cane cookie dough, and the other of red. Candy cane season has come and gone – and I didn’t want to put that much effort into a “use up cookie dough” project, anyway – so I began just rolling the dough into balls, then smooshing them together to make half-white-half-red balls. Hmmm. Not bad.

I quickly grew bored of that and began putting little blobs of one color into a larger ball of another, then rolling it all up so there would be a sneaky surprise of color in the center of the cookie. Fun!


That’s when I decided since candy cane cookies are one of my very favorites, I shouldn’t limit myself to having them only at Christmas. I could just make the dough any time, then make drop cookies with it. ALL YEAR.


But what to call them? I don’t even know how to describe the flavor of the cookies… kind of like shortbread, but sweeter and not as dry. Not quite buttery enough to be called buttery. “Drop cookies” is too vague and boring of a name – that’s more a style of cookie than a type and could mean anything.

I went to the internet. I got some pretty fun responses.¬†As I read off the contributions to Boyfriend, he was suddenly struck by inspiration – “bunneh tails!”


Now you can order candy cane cookies – err, little white Bunneh Tail cookies – any time, any season! Hooray!

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