Mini Pumpkin Pies

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Every year around Thanksgiving, everyone’s thoughts start turning to pumpkin everything. It might surprise you that I’ve never in my life made the major Thanksgiving classic, pumpkin pie. In fact, it wasn’t until last year that I even knew I liked pumpkin pie! What!

Oh, my eyes have been opened for sure. This year at work we had a pre-Thanksgiving potluck lunch. As usual, I signed up to bring dessert, and decided to go for the classic – but miniaturized. With that many people, mini pies are just easier to distribute. Plus: cute! Originally I got the idea from a Wilton “pin” on Pinterest, for making mini pumpkin pies in a whoopee pie pan. First I pulled out my set of autumn cookie cutters and used just the smallest of each.


I put these into the oven for just a few minutes to get them crispy, then set them aside.


Then, using a 4″ round cookie cutter, I cut out mini pie crusts. One dozen of these I put into a lightly greased whoopie pie pan, and another dozen went into a muffin tin. These were a little more difficult to get into the tray cavities neatly, but a little perseverance got it done.


I poked the bottoms of each crust a few times with a fork before filling each one with pumpkin pie batter.


When I served these, I referred to them as “regular” and “deep dish” pies. Depending on preference for more crust versus more pumpkin, people had a different favorite (and “helping” me figure out which was best was a good excuse to eat two).


Once they were baked and still warm, I popped the leaves and acorns on top. Super cute, and they definitely turned out tasty!



Another lady at work brought homemade whipped cream, and the combination made for the perfect finish to our office pre-Thanksgiving feast!


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