“I had a religious experience this afternoon, and I want to share it with you. I had the intense pleasure of eating a Bunneh Baking double chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting. I nearly passed out from sheer taste bud joy, and I am pretty sure I forgot to breathe for a while. You MUST have them. You MUST. Rich, moist, not too sweet; you can taste every delicious ingredient. Seriously. just go order some. And then invite me over.” -Roxanne J.

“That cupcake was… stoutstanding!” -Patrick M., after a dark chocolate stout cupcake

“I just took a bite and this – this is as REAL as it gets.” -Kelli

“Your cupcakes are better than those other places… the ones everyone goes to, you know?” -Chris N.

“This is game-changing.” -Spencer C.

“You’ve outdone yourself this time.” -Paul B., longtime Bunneh Test Kitchen Taster, on Tennessee Honey Whiskey cupcakes

“These are my favorite you’ve made so far!” -Nyah F., regarding coconut cupcakes

“Okay, these are the best ones, HANDS DOWN!” -Nyah F., a few weeks later, eating cookies ‘n’ cream cupcakes

“I just had to tell you that frosting is SO good. And I’m a frosting snob!” -Jamie O., eating Halloween cupcakes

“It’s like a donut and a cinnamon roll had a baby.” -Wayne L., having his first bite of King Cake

“Your cupcakes are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had.” -Ryan R., enjoying dark chocolate stout cupcakes

“I’m not a cupcake kinda guy, but those were delicious.” -Aaron

“I got two dozen cupcakes for my birthday party from Bunneh Baking. They were the best cupcakes most of the guests had eaten just about ever and they all disappeared by the end of the party, nary a crumb remaining. So good.” -Dan C.

“This is better than a donut. ….Can I have another one?” -Erik R., nabbing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

“These are better than Specialty’s.” -Neil S., having a snickerdoodle

“The cupcakes of awesomeness.” -Daniel

“I want to marry these.” -Elisa H.

“Those cookies are delicious! Taking that first bite was the best part of my morning so far!” -Isaiah A., on oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

“For being sweet and a cupcake, it’s pretty good. It’s better than this donut.” -self-proclaimed sweet-tooth-less gentleman, Camron L.

“I’m not really into sweets, except when you make them.” -Kyle F.

“What’s the story with the cupcakes? Where did they come from? Who makes them? Why do they taste so good?” -Gerard (having received the cupcakes through a third party)

“DEFINITELY life changing!!! no joke!” -Dawn R., raving about the chewy caramel cookies

“Truly outstanding! I was over the moon happy with the holiday treats that were baked. The Yolo cookies were AWESOME. Can’t wait to order again. Did I mention that the ordering was easy, pricing was perfect, and every morsel was spectacular?” -Ali F.

“Better than okay. Awesome, to be precise!” -Bob G.