August 2, 2016: Bunneh Baking is temporarily closed.
If you’d like to contact the owner, please email here. Thank you!

Bunneh Baking is a Seattle area home-operated bakery, also known as a Cottage Food Operation. Our special Bunnehcream frosting is extra-fluffy and not too sweet – it will change the way you feel about frosting!  Check out our reviews here and on Facebook.

Bunneh offers on-demand treats for everything from birthdays to weddings to baby showers, and everything in between, for pick-up or delivery. We also donate to dessert dashes for non-profits. You can find us at fairs, festivals, and other events around the Seattle area. Follow us on Facebook to see where we’ll be next!



*all prices include sales tax*

Cupcakes FrostingCookies Specialty Items

CUPCAKES  1 dozen regular, 2 dozen minis half dozen regular, 1 dozen minis
White cake $20 $12
Yellow cake $20 $12
Double chocolate $20 $12
Cookies ‘n’ Cream $20 $12
Carrot cake $20 $12
Pumpkin $20 $12
Spice cake $20 $12
Spiced apple cider $20 $12
Red velvet $20 $12
Blue velvet $20 $12
Mocha $20 $12
Snickerdoodle (without cookies)
(with cinnamon bunnehcream)
$20 $12
Tennessee honey whiskey
(with honey whiskey bunnehcream)
$25 $15
Dark chocolate stout $25 $15
Coconut (with coconut cream cheese) $25 $15
S’mores (with marshmallow creme) $25 $15
Strawberry $25 $15
Lemon $25 $15
Marble $25 $15
Snickerdoodle (with cookies) $30 $17
Chocolate peanut butter cup
(with peanut butter bunnehcream)
$30 (minis not available) $17 (minis not available)

Cupcakes FrostingCookies Specialty Items

Vanilla bunnehcream Chocolate bunnehcream
Cinnamon bunnehcream Cappuccino bunnehcream
Spiced apple cider bunnehcream Peanut butter bunnehcream
Strawberry bunnehcream Blackberry bunnehcream*
Vanilla cream cheese Dark chocolate cream cheese
Cinnamon cream cheese Marshmallow creme
*$5 additional cost

Cupcakes FrostingCookies Specialty Items

COOKIES 1 dozen
Snickerdoodles $15
Chocolate chip $15
Sugar cutouts (undecorated)
ask about cutout shapes
$15+ depends on size
Sugar cutouts (decorated)
ask about cutout shapes
$5+ per cookie depends on size & decoration
Bunneh tails $15
Pumpkin $15
Molasses spice $15
Oatmeal chocolate chip $15
Oatmeal raisin $15
Chocolate chip brownie $20
Red velvet white chocolate chip $20
Candy canes
(not peppermint flavored)
Chewy caramel $20

Cupcakes FrostingCookies Specialty Items

Apple bread – regular loaf (8.5″ x 4.5″) $30
Apple bread – mini loaf (5.5″ x 3″) $15
Spice tea mix, 8 oz jar $8
Marble bunnies (brownies), 1 dozen $25
Blonde bunnies (brownies), 1 dozen $20
New Orleans King Cake $70