Halloween 2014: Sugar Cookies

*Bunneh baking for fun; not for sale*

Sugar cookie cutouts: a classic! I have loads of cookie cutters but just don’t get around to using them very often. Holidays are the perfect motivator to pull them out. I used a sugar cookie recipe from my Betty Crocker Big Book of Cookies book, and I think it’s going to be my official sugar cookie recipe from now on. Nom nom nom…


Some classic shapes. I didn’t like the small bats… they came out looking more like bow ties than bats. Spooky bow ties?


My gingerdead man cookie cutter! It didn’t do as well on sugar cookie dough as it does on gingerbread, but I still enjoyed the few that I made.

Now for a full confession: I was making these on a work night and already running late on the whole project, so I didn’t have time to make my own royal icing for these. I used Betty Crocker cookie icing from the store. It’s not bad, but it’s not my favorite. It does dry fairly quickly, though, and has great colors.

IMG_6725I used some of my candy eyeballs to make some silly ghost faces, too. I think next year I’ll make sure I have time to make my own icing, so I can use different decorating tips as well. That way I can get in some better detail, and actually do the jack-o-lantern faces. 🙂 Despite not being the greatest decorating, they were super tasty.

This was just night one of my Halloween Week O’ Baking! More posts to come…


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