Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cupcakes 2

Boyfriend’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago, so we spent an evening going through my many cupcake-related cookbooks to pick his celebratory treat. It took a while, and there are now several pages in each book marked with post-it notes for future baking events (including the kids’ birthdays).

He kept saying, “this one or that one” and I kept saying, “JUST PICK ONE! I DON’T CARE WHICH ONE! IT IS FOR YOU SO YOU PICK IT!” Only nicely. He settled on cookies ‘n’ cream.


It had been a while since I’d baked – except for a spontaneous and slightly tipsy batch of chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago when some friends were over for dinner – so I was super excited. Have you seen The LEGO Movie? Think Benny when he finally gets to build a spaceship. BAAAKIIIIING! *zoom*

The batter was good, even without the crumbled Oreos added in, so I felt like it had promise. Oddly, the cupcakes baked more like muffins – expanding out instead of up in the pans. I suppose the batter was fairly dense, and the cookies made it more so. Someone better at SCIENCE! could probably explain why that happened.


As usual, I ignored the frosting part of the recipe in the book and used my own. I added white coloring so it would really look like cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream, and I wandered off to take a shower while the frosting floofed (that’s a word) with the whisk attachment on my mixer. I had a job interview the same day, so I was multi-tasking!

I managed to decorate a little over a dozen of the cupcakes before I had to leave, so I could deliver them to my former co-workers. I wasn’t sure what to do with 2 dozen cupcakes and while I knew we and the kids would do our best eating them all, we’d also probably all make ourselves sick in the process. Solution: old office delivery!


After the birthday dinner with the kids, I let them smash up more Oreos so we could decorate the remaining cupcakes. Let me tell you, those kids were fierce! The cookies never stood a chance.


And neither did the cupcakes: they were delicious!


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2 thoughts on “Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cupcakes

  • Lisa

    One of my Baking 101 textbooks has sections on “what went wrong” with different baked goods, which sounds useful but is oddly annoying, since generally there is a laundry list of possible causes which boil down to “something was wrong.” For example for cakes that don’t rise as much as desired, it could be: too much liquid; too little flour; too little leaving; oven too hot. Um… pick one? I do remember the instructor emphasizing that when cookies spread too much, it’s usually due to high sugar content. Your guess is as good as mine! These cakes look WONDERFUL, by the way. Almost makes me miss being in the office!

    • bunneh Post author

      That sounds about like trying to read up on why a cat is acting up… “could be [list of 12 possibilities].” I want answers! And thank you. I miss having people to bake for regularly!