Who’s Bunneh?


I get asked a lot – “Why ‘Bunneh’?”

As you can see, I’ve loved both bunnies and baked goods my whole life. A day without sugar is a day I don’t want to think about. But why -eh?

When I hear “Bunny” as a nickname, I think of women who belong to country clubs and play tennis and wear diamonds. I am not one of those women. I am a woman who belongs to cat groups on Facebooks and plays video games and wears jeans. The nickname “Bunneh” was bestowed on me many, many years ago by friends who were tickled by my ability to wiggle my nose, like Samantha from the old show Bewitched.


By the time this nickname came around, it was popular to say “kitteh” on the Internet instead of “kitty,” so it was natural to use “bunneh” instead of “bunny.” It stuck. It’s pronounced “BUN-eh.”

As for how I ended up running a bakery, you can find all of that in my blog!

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