Candy Cane Cookies 1

It’s a tradition in my family to make these cookies every Christmas. I’m not sure how to describe them – there’s no peppermint flavor. They’re just buttery, kind of shortbread-y, and almond-y. And really tasty. First you make the dough (a double batch, if you know what’s good for you). […]

Christmas-y Chocolate Chips

This batch of holiday baking shouldn’t have been very labor-intensive: I was just making my tried-and-true chocolate chip recipe that I’ve been using for ages, but adding NestlĂ© Tollhouse red and green chocolate chips. All the festivity, none of the effort! Since it was all so simple, I decided to […]

Holiday Truffles

*Bunneh Test Kitchen; not for sale* Tonight I made my first attempt at truffles! Using these adorable mini bundt cake pans (mine are from Safeway if you’re looking to get some), I followed the recipe that came with them for “truffle bites.” However, instead of using melted chocolate for the […]

Fall Gingerbread Cookies

This was my first attempt at making royal icing and using the flood method of frosting cookies. Obviously mine did not turn out as perfect and pretty as the ones in that blog. 🙂 I guess I will just have to keep practicing! First I made the gingerbread (due to […]