IMG_6816 IMG_2295 Apple cider caramels, unsalted or with sea salt,
approximately 1″ squares
$25/2 dozen
DSC_1175 IMG_6923 Bacon jam
Slightly sweet, savory spread
Great on toast, cheeseburgers, etc
$8/4 oz jar
$15/8 oz jar
 IMG_6445 Maple bacon cupcakes
Real bacon in the cupcakes
Maple syrup bunnehcream
Topped with real bacon
 $30/dozen regular
or 2 dozen minis
IMG_2973 Peanut butter balls
Hand-rolled creamy, sweet peanut butter balls
Dipped in milk chocolate
 IMG_9246.2015-05-25_233057 IMG_9250.2015-05-25_233114 Thousand Dollar Bars
Layered shortbread, caramel, and milk chocolate
Messy and delicious!

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