Local Flavor

A couple of exciting announcements about the bakery!

1. Dark chocolate stout cupcakes are now made exclusively with Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout from Seattle’s own Fremont Brewing!


2. I’m now making my own vanilla extract right here at home, using Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans and Seattle’s Fremont Mischief distillery’s Rex Velvet Sinister Spirit vodka!

3. Sticking with local (and Fremont! my former neighborhood), after a visit to Theo Chocolate Factory, I will be incorporating their chocolates into my recipes going forward (replacing other brands that I already use wherever possible). I will post updates on my Facebook page as I make these changes!

4. The long, complicated process is almost over – the home inspection is scheduled soon! Once I get that sign-off, I get the Cottage Food Operation permit. That, along with all my existing licenses and permits, is the last step and then I can start applying to be in craft fairs and farmers’ markets.

I hope you all are as excited as I am about all of these changes! Any ideas for further localizing my little bakery?

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