Penguin Cupcakes, Part II: Baby Penguins 2

*Bunneh baking for fun; not for sale*

Last year for Boyfriend’s son’s birthday, I made penguin cupcakes. Boyfriend’s “spirit animal,” if you will, is the penguin. Wanting to be like Daddy, O is really into penguins as well. I asked him what he wanted me to make for his birthday this year, and we poked through some of my cupcake books. He’d narrowed it down to a couple of choices, but ultimately decided he wanted penguins again.

Last year I mixed chocolate cake and white cake in a bit of a mishmash, and really went to town with the black icing color. This year O specifically requested vanilla cake dyed black. Um, okay. So I made white cake… the thing about making white cake is that it calls for 4 egg whites. I never know what to do with the leftover yolks when I have recipes like that! Ideas?


I decided to dye most of the batter black, but not all. I had this idea in my head that I would split the batter and give the penguins white bellies. Sounded totally adorable in my head, so I grabbed a spatula and a couple of scoops for the batter and went to work.




The black parts didn’t come out super-black, but that’s okay. The idea is there. I let the cupcakes cool and went to work on the frosting. I didn’t feel like going overboard with black icing again, as last year everyone had black tongues afterward. Cute on a giraffe or a chow dog, but a little icky on us. That meant that this year, O got gray penguins – and gray penguins are the babies, still all fluffy! Cuuuute!

It was getting late by the time I had everything ready and had frosted the white parts of the cupcakes, and I completely forgot about my penguin bellies. I meant to face them forward so they’d be lined up with the pengi faces – you know, like an actual belly.

Nope. I just started putting faces on all willy-nilly. Grrr. I was pretty irritated with myself afterward when I realized it. But… but… it was a good idea, right??


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