Easter Cupcakes 2

It’s almost Easter! Easter is one of my favorite holidays, because it involves candy and bunnies – two of the best things ever! Naturally, it also means I get to make cupcakes with bunnies on them.

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I used the same chocolate cake recipe from the Irish Car Bomb cupcakes I made last month, but without the whiskey ganache or Bailey’s frosting. Several people really liked it, as it uses Dutch process cocoa, making it dark chocolate instead of the traditional milk chocolate flavor. I think next time I’ll use regular cocoa powder and see if I can get something closer to traditional chocolate cake flavor – I really like the texture and moistness (ew, that word) of this recipe, but dark chocolate isn’t as popular with the masses.

For the frosting, I used my buttercream recipe, with heavy cream instead of whipping cream – they seem to be pretty much the same thing. As usual, I left my stand mixer going (with the whisk attachment) for a good 20 minutes while I puttered around, cleaning up, checking Facebook, yada yada.

I used Wilton decorating tip #233 again to make the grassy look for some of these. The color I used before was leaf green and didn’t darken like I’d hoped, so this time I went with Kelly green – the same color I used on my St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes. (I have both Wilton and AmeriColor icing colors, so I branch out a little brand-wise there.) The eggs are Cadbury Mini Eggs, and the little bunny picks are from Wilton (they have little fluffy tails! You can see one in the photo above).

2014-04-17 09.12.40

I only had a dozen bunny picks, so another dozen cupcakes have sugar bunnies on top, also from Wilton (seriously, I use a lot of Wilton products! ha). I used a medium-ish star decorating tip for these, because the wider tip makes decorating faster. It’s also easier on my hands, squeezing the pastry bag, and I was tired, people.

The recipe made just a couple more than 2 dozen cupcakes, so the outliers were decorated with bunny-and-carrot sprinkles my mom sent me, which are also – you guessed it – a Wilton product. …I should probably just go work for them, huh?

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