Super Bowl Cake Challenge: Completed! 2

*Bunneh baking for fun; not for sale*

Okay, nobody actually challenged me to do this, except myself, but that still counts. So it’s Saturday, and I spent almost my entire day baking…

DSC_1544  DSC_1546

First a chocolate cake, which I tossed mini chocolate chips into at the last minute just for fun. Who doesn’t love mini chocolate chips?


While that was cooling, I made a yellow cake..

I made myself wait while the cakes cooled. I busied myself making frosting and doing some dishes. Then I used my cake leveler thingy for the first time EVER, so that was very exciting! And I built a GIANT CAKE.

DSC_1552 DSC_1553

This whole project took WAY more patience than I normally have, but I frosted the inside edges of the chocolate cake so I could “glue” the yellow cake ends on. Then I was even patient enough to do a “crumb layer” of frosting and let the whole thing set for a while before finishing the frosting. Check out this masterful crumb layer:


…Okay, not actually masterful. I had to work with a regular old rubber spatula because I don’t have a cake-decorating spatula yet! I know, awful! But my primary work has been cupcakes, so the metal spatula was low on my list. Trust me, I’m getting one soon, after this near-disaster of a frosting experience!

I managed to get my candy team logos off their wax paper without destroying them – hooray! – and then I made my boyfriend put the toy football players where they should be. And now the whole thing is ready to be carefully transported to our friends’ house tomorrow to celebrate! (birthday candles will be added later… )


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