Super Bowl Cake Pt 1 1

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It’s not that I’m all that into football… sure, it’s exciting this year that my city’s team is in the Super Bowl, but let’s face it: for me, this is mostly just another excuse to come up with some theme baking ideas. I’m putting a bit of extra effort on this cake, as well, because it’s serving double duty as a birthday cake.

Step one of this cake is making end zone logos. I printed up each team’s logo and stuck them under wax paper – as a kid, tracing things was the only way to fake I had the artistic talent my brother has, so I fell back on that old trick.

As usual, I’m using Wilton candy melts. I store them in glass jars and add some coconut oil to make them melt smoother, and I can just melt them in their jars.


I started out thinking I’d be able to use squeeze bottles, then realized that wasn’t going to be anywhere near precise enough. Next attempt: candy paintbrush. Also not precise enough. So I gave in and accepted my next hour was gone, and I went at these things with toothpicks.


2014-02-01 13.08.40 2014-02-01 13.19.48

The finished products are sitting in my fridge, and in the end I just hope they come off the wax paper without breaking! I filled in the empty areas with plain white vanilla candy to make them more solid, but they’re still very thin. The idea is for these to go on the end zones of the football field cake… so cross fingers they don’t break!

It’s almost a shame they’ll get eaten…

2014-02-01 13.40.34

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