Making Candy Pt 2

*Bunneh baking for fun; not for sale*

For an after-Christmas Christmas dinner, I decided to try my hand at making candy again. I wanted to attempt different colors in the molds, and I had a couple of new novelty silicone ice trays to try out.

I used my Wilton Chocolate Pro melter to melt white chocolate chips, because I knew the hostess loved white chocolate and didn’t eat “regular” chocolate. I also used the seasonal gingerbread, eggnog, and peppermint flavors of Wilton candy melts, along with my usual various colors of vanilla. For added punch, I had some Andes peppermint crunch baking chips to sprinkle on some of the candies as well.

What I learned:

  • white chocolate chips need more patience, care, and attention when melting than candy melts do – even when using the magical melting pot.
  • silicone ice trays are fine for making some candy, but if there are tight spots or small spaces, good luck getting the candies out without breaking.
  • making candy using small cookie cutters on wax paper may seem brilliant, but the idea needs some work.
  • also making gingerbread men out of gingerbread candy melts sounds adorable, but in fact the gingerbread flavor can be a bit overwhelming.

2013-12-26 19.30.22

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