Nutter Butter Snowmen

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Another Christmas cookie staple in my family is Nutter Butter snowmen. The base of this project is a package of Nabisco Nutter Butter cookies. I use Wilton candy melts for a lot of my projects, but this one is a bit quicker and easier if you just get a large package of candy melt from the baking aisle at the grocery store. The brand I found is CandiQuik, and of course I got the vanilla.

The package comes with a ready-to-microwave tray, but I recently bought the Wilton Chocolate Pro melter, which is similar to a small crockpot but with a handle for easy lifting and pouring. My small crockpot also doesn’t have any setting but “on” – this has “melt” and “warm” so you don’t overcook your chocolate or candy, but can keep it liquid for dipping. No need for a double broiler! I set that baby up on my kitchen bar, and it kept the candy perfectly melted while I took my time dunking the Nutter Butter cookies and fishing them out with forks.

Once laid out, they can be decorated with mini chocolate chips and mini M&Ms like I’ve done, or you can use dots of chocolate frosting to make the faces and find creative ways to make the noses (I’ve seen some posts online using half an orange Tic Tac, but I’m not patient enough to sit around cutting Tic Tacs in half, nor do I think the flavor would mesh with the rest of the treat). A little messy, a little time-consuming, but overall very easy! Not to mention a recipe for an instant sugar coma…

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