Holiday Truffles

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Tonight I made my first attempt at truffles! Using these adorable mini bundt cake pans (mine are from Safeway if you’re looking to get some), I followed the recipe that came with them for “truffle bites.” However, instead of using melted chocolate for the shell, I used red and green Wilton candy melts, because: FESTIVE!

First, I made the thick chocolatey truffle insides, which was surprisingly not very difficult. Then I melted the candy and coated the wells of the pans, a time-consuming task for sure. “Oh, just pour some in and rotate the pan to coat all sides.” SURE, INSTRUCTIONS. I’LL JUST DO THAT. Nope, not that simple by far… but I persevered (messily).

2013-12-10 21.31.15

Then I smooshed the thick chocolate into each well. Very messy. Once I felt there was enough in there and it was good and well smooshed, it was time to seal each one with more melted candy.  Definitely the easiest step.

2013-12-10 21.37.20

Into the fridge to harden, and then “flip the pans over to release the candies.” Once again, Instructions, you mock me with your implied simplicity. These fellas did NOT want to come out of the pans! There was quite a lot of banging and harrumphing, but I finally got them to release.

2013-12-10 21.31.27

And after all that, I needed to taste test… my verdict? Tasty! Will probably try again!

2013-12-10 21.31.44

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